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Chef D'equipe Enrobes

Lieu: Vélizy-Villacoublay
Entreprise: Eiffage SA
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Eiffage Génie Civil est présente dans l'ensemble des spécialités du génie civil. Ses équipes interviennent depuis la conception jusqu'à la construction, mais aussi en réparation et en maintenance, et en démolition, sur de nombreux ouvrages en France et à l'international.

MISSIONS Team management • Complete onboarding of employees, temporary staff and sub-contractors Present the building site, its challenges, risks and the construction works to be completed to employees • Perform role of Deputy Site Supervisor, act as interim manager by delegation or necessity • Manage building site personnel on a daily basis, ensure that schedules are respected and promote initiatives and positive conduct • Organize and plan the missions and the work of the teams, based on building site requirements and progress, in close collaboration with the Site Supervisor Building site preparation and organization • Prepare the work for completion by recognizing the constraints of the plot and the work documentation, as well as building site access and environment • Clearly define construction works to be completed, develop underground networks and to identify all obstacles that could impact completion • Ensure the implementation of signage and security devices, prepare the access roads, storage areas and set up the building site's living quarters, if appropriate (manage the company's brand reputation: labeling, marking, etc.) • Plan ahead for equipment and materials needed, in agreement with the Works Supervisor • Participate in defining the construction works schedule and operating procedure • Supply and install the tools, materials and consumables on the building site (the right amount, at the right size and in the right place) • Receive and check the equipment, materials and tools; put them in place at the building site Check their compliance with approved product sheets Monitoring of the building site's construction • Assign tasks to blue collar workers and technicians based on skill sets and added value • Monitor the progress of the works schedule • Supervise the construction of the works based on the schedule, operating procedure and analysis of the risks identified • Perform technical checks during construction (materials, production of materials on the site, compliance with the plan, etc.) and decide on any corrections to be made together with the Site Supervisor. • Track consumption (hours, materials, equipment), analyze deviations and determine the necessary corrective actions • Participate in building site meetings • Ensure the proper use and maintenance of equipment and facilities by performing the necessary maintenance and upkeep • Draft and communicate monitoring records and building site reports • Ensure access to documentation currently in force to be used (plans, procedures, etc.) Quality, Prevention, Security and Environment • Ensure full application of guidelines, procedures and rules to oversee individual and collective security on the building site • Produce reporting for various managers regarding the completed construction works and difficulties experienced • Ensure the quality and security of the construction works within planned lead times • Manage environmental constraints and ensure the full adoption of the corresponding measures • Before leaving the construction work area, ensure the quality of the services provided (acceptance, resolution of stop points or feedback items, cleanliness, etc.) • Weekly team security management (Safety Force, Security 1/4 hour, etc.) Building site tidy-up and withdrawal • Participate in construction handover and resolution of stop points • Ensure regular cleaning of the work area and security of surrounding area • Actively participate in building site withdrawal, ensuring the return of materials and equipment and the disposal of waste • At the end of workdays, ensure building site equipment is fully stored and secure • Ensure that the equipment and materials are restored to their initial state; indicate any deteriorations • Inventory remaining supplies and returned equipment, identifying discrepancies and reasons SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES CIVIL ENGINEERING/DAM TEAM LEADER Building the foundations • Excavation floor protection Formwork • Set up the formwork for the foundations or bosses • Assemble and use outdoor work stations and platforms • Assemble and adjust the climbing forms and other formwork Reinforcement • Assemble reinforcements based on the reinforcement plan: raft foundations, walls, veils, beams, slabs, etc. For pre-stressed constructions: beams, vessel walls, etc. Concrete placing • Deploy and vibrate concrete • Carry out concrete checks • Spray the concrete using the wet-mix or dry-mix process Shoring • Assemble and check the scaffolding used for access, working platforms and shoring • Manage dismantling operations Networks installation: hydraulic equipment Prefabricated parts installation: standard and complex elements Finishing • Carry out minor alterations • Level out, coat and paste composite materials Concrete pre-stressing • Install bars and/or cables • Fit, inject and stress Lifting • Install/brace jacks • Set the hydraulic load, proceed without computer-aided lifting • Transfer loads SPECIAL WORKS TEAM LEADER Mission identical to CIVIL ENGINEERING/DAM TEAM LEADER and involves the following additional missions Concrete pre-stressing • Implement bars and/or cables • Fit, inject and stress Lifting • Install/brace jacks • Set the hydraulic load, proceed without computer-aided lifting • Transfer loads EARTHWORKS TEAM LEADER Ground management • Manage mortar dosage/binding agent spreader • Assess ground water content ASBESTOS REMOVAL TEAM LEADER Schedule and organize analyses based on defined sampling strategy and construction works progress Carry out daily visual checks of containment and a general check of the area PIPE TEAM LEADER/FEEDER Earthworks • Survey and identify networks • Equip work areas and prepare the bottom of the trenches in which the pipes will be laid • Excavate special points Pipeline assembly and laying (water, oil, gas, other fluids) • Load, pre-bend/bend (weathertight) • Weld tubes, encase joints • Check proper interlocking and blocking of pipelines • Lower into excavations, connect piping sections • Locate pipeline faults and identify the cause • Test and clean constructed pipelines • Assemble the prefabricated parts of the construction Slinging and handling • Sling and handle loads Backfilling/rehabilitating • Observe client requirements • Put back to initial state • Observe the material thicknesses to be used • Adhere to the number of passes for compaction Use of small building site equipment and machines • Use building site's small equipment and machines • Ensure routine maintenance of small machines RAIL TEAM LEADER Completion of rail track laying and maintenance works • Apply safety instructions related to the conditions of their job and remain focused at all times on operations safety (rail risks, electrical risks, work in the presence of trains, work in the presence of public works and rail machines) • Dismantle the components of the track and track switches • Perform manual removal of old ballast • Assemble the components of the track and track switches, using the appropriate techniques and tools • Lay the new track and/or track switch using a mechanical or manual system (gantry or dual cranes) • Unload the appropriate amount of ballast • Level the track: ballasted track and concrete track • Participate in rail removal and track switch installation • Carry out maintenance work on track components or switches • Carry out resurfacing work on plain line tracks and track switches AER ROADS TEAM LEADER Concrete setting specificities • Manage concrete orders • Check the guide wire • Coordinate machine progress by monitoring the height of mold sets • Carry out construction control operations behind the machine (altimetry, height, etc.) • Assist their team with construction works Road equipment specificities • Ensure the installation of a roller track based on construction layout • Ensure an aligned guard rail and altimetric settings adjusted within the standards • Ensure compliance of construction connection and specific points EXTERNAL WORKS ROADS TEAM LEADER Building site set-up • Perform additional staking out for an external works or roads & utility services project • Lay out the detailed additional staking out; altimetric positioning of the structures, etc. • Mark out for masonry work and external works or roads & utility services construction Earthworks • Carry out the preparatory earthworks Trenches • Dig curved or sloping trenches using a digger or backhoe loader and close them Pipe laying • Lay the various service pipes: connections to inspection chambers, breech-pieces, pressure taps and miscellaneous facilities Coating • Consolidate the plot for asphalt emulsion coating • Apply asphalt manually • Lay paving stones and concrete slabs JOB REQUIREMENTS Professional experience in building and public works Authorizations as required: AIPR, H0 B0, ATEX, OPPBTP - Minimum Safety Training Standards (SMS) - Chemical risks Authorization to intervene near networks (AIPR) and SMS French Certificate of Fitness for Safe Driving (CACES) possible as required JOB ENVIRONMENT Reporting line: Site Supervisor, Works Supervisor Internal relations: Building Site Team, Machine/Vehicle Operators External relations: Service providers - sub-contractors - clients (small building sites) - local residents - suppliers


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